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When you book a trip with the Rascals, I take pride in making your dream vacation a reality while ensuring that your trip is a stress-free experience. From accommodations to activities, every aspect of your trip is carefully arranged to provide you with the ultimate travel experience. 

​Many of our group members have become close friends and are always counting the days until we can meet again on the beach and toast with an ice-cold shot of tequila . . . and there’s a shot glass ready for you.

So, why wait? Let’s start planning your dream vacation today! Contact us to learn more about the travel packages we offer and how we can help make your next vacation a truly unforgettable experience.

Jim Frank

Rascal King and Founder

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What is it like to travel with The Rascals?

Below is a sample events schedule from one of our trips, just to give you an idea of what a typical week at Hedo with The Rascals looks like. Events are always customized for each trip and are subject to change. Your official event schedule will be sent to you before your trip dates. 

Weekly Events

Weekly Events


We always have one of the Jacuzzi rooms on the nude beach, close to the bar and pool. Look for The Rascals swag by our room. Come on over and introduce yourself. We will welcome you to Jamaica with a shot of cold premium tequila.


Don't miss the official Rascals Welcome Cocktail Party. This is the perfect time for new members to introduce themselves and meet other Rascals. There will be food, specialty drinks and tons of free giveaways, including toys, outfits, and resort credits. We give away $2,000 in prizes, just our way of saying thanks for being part of the group.


Although it's always happy hour at Hedo, we take it up a notch! Join us Monday for the first official Rascals happy hour of the week at 3 PM right outside our room on the beach. Plenty of premium tequila will be served.


Tuesday is our first pool party of the week. We bring our own DJ and host poolside games with prizes for participants and winners. Our event staff will also ensure you are served plenty of premium tequila.


Wednesdays, we usually hold some special events, and it changes every trip. There might be more tequila . . . wait, there is always more tequila when the Rascals are around! Events vary by trip, and by the whims of our entertainment staff.


Thursday afternoon, we host a private, clothing-optional catamaran cruise on our November trips. This is always a group favorite - we bring our own DJ and stock the boat with tequila. Payment for the cruise can be made with your final trip payment or at the resort if there is still room.


Friday, we host our Farewell Pool Party. This afternoon we crank up the music, bring the premium booze to the poolside and spend the afternoon drinking and doing more contests and giveaways.

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It’s our mission to make sure you get more when you book with us! We provide the best group rates possible, no markups, no credit card charges, and no extra fees. We give everyone who books with us all the extras we can think of, big drink mugs, t-shirts, beach bags, name necklaces and more. All are shipped to your door before you leave in an unmarked box. We bring premium Tequila and tons of prizes to give away during our daily events and contests, including more than $2000 in prizes at our Sunday night cocktail party alone. We also add new and exciting events for each trip

In our opinion, one of the things that make Hedonism great is that most weeks are a melting pot with people of all ages and backgrounds from all around the world – and we think that’s how it should be. The Rascals don’t focus on your appearance or lifestyle preferences, it’s about good times and great attitudes with fun, open-minded people.

We get asked this question all the time, and the short answer is no, but that does not mean that our group members aren’t swingers. It simply means that we are not willing to put a specific label on our group. We accept and embrace couples and singles regardless of their personal/sexual inclinations. Some of the people who attend are nudists, some are swingers, some aren’t, and most are somewhere in between, but all are open-minded and pretty much impossible to offend.
Our group is easy going, and we always enjoy meeting new people. We were all “Hedo Virgins” once, and have new members and “virgins” on just about every trip. We will be happy to show you the ropes and make sure that you feel welcome.
Yes, we have a private Facebook Group page just for people who have booked with us or have been on a Rascals trip. This is a great place to talk to people and to start getting excited about the trip in advance. Just ask to be added to the page when you book.