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Who are the Rascals?

Formally known as Rachal’s Rascals, The Rascals come from all parts of the USA, Canada and beyond. We range in age from mid-twenties to don’t ask. Every year, we gather at Hedonism Resort to see old friends, make new ones, and have a week-long party that we won’t soon forget.

We bring extra entertainment, premium tequila and an open-minded acceptance of anyone who wants to join the fun. Regardless of who you are or what brings you to the party, we promise you will meet some amazing people and have the best vacation of your life.

Upcoming Trips

Group Travel to Hedonism Resort in Jamaica


July 2024

Dates : June 29 - July 6

Our July trip is our newest addition and is perfect if you’re looking for an epic summer getaway. Show off your Canadian beaver on July 1st for Canada Day, then be independent of your clothes and celebrate July 4th with the Rascals!

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per person, per night


November 2024

Dates: November 9 - 16

Our biggest party of the year! We take over Hedonism Resort and pull out all of the stops with more events and extras than any other trip! This trip features a full-length reggae concert, guest pianist and body painter, plus parties and events every day.

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per person, per night


February 2025

Dates : February 15 - 22

It’s cold at home for most, but there’s plenty of sun and fun in Jamaica. This has become our fastest-growing trip at Hedonism Resort, and we’re adding more and more extras and events every year.

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per person, per night


May 2025

Dates : May 10 - 17

The best way to kick off your summer and start working on that base tan. This trip has all of the same epic pool parties and tequila beach parties as our other trips. What a great time to make new friends and drink some great premium tequila!

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per person, per night

Life's More Fun When You're a Rascal

We pride ourselves on creating unique experiences just for our group, including special events and contests designed to entertain and bring friends together for a great time. When you book a trip to Hedonism Resort with The Rascals, you’ll benefit from our fantastic group prices and a ton of free extras. Each of our guests receives a custom-made name necklace, insulated drink mug, t-shirt, and beach bag, among many other goodies.

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